The Chocoholic’s Guide to Barbados

Yes, I’m back! And, happy as I am to return to 100% focus on writing and business and self, I’m also a little sad to be leaving Barbados. Summer 2013 in Bim was the best for the fun times I had with friends and family, but it’s time to get back to birthing the books that are my life’s purpose.

So, as a practising chocoholic, there was only one way to say such a bittersweet goodbye – in chocolate!

Here are the top three choccie desserts with which I said goodbye (and what was happening while I scarfed them down!)

1. Dark Chocolate, Mount Gay Rum, Girlfriends & Goss IMG_00000117 (1)

I met the girls in Bim’s coffee-chic cafe – Coffee Bean – for lunch.

It was one of those lunches where everybody had news about the office nemesis or the new crush or last night’s hot date, or, in this case, all of the above. The Marketing Wiz girlfriend brought me a bar of Agapey Chocolate Factory’s Rum Caramel Bar, made with Extra Old Mount Gay Rum right (there) in Barbados.  Words cannot describe the sensation of wickedly rummy caramel goo melting in my mouth after a bite of dark chocolate. Perfect guilty treat post-break-up, post work-out, post-coitus, post-dinner ….. you get the idea!

2. Cocktails, the Lime Bar & Mud


Catching up with Diana Springer during her vacation was bliss! The occasion was cocktails with the girls at the Lime Bar in Holetown’s Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. It was a pretty busy night for the bar but our table brought the riot, especially when I shared the reason for the 5-inch heels and sequins.

When I wasn’t laughing my head off, I was kept giddy by the goodness of Lime Bar’s cream-topped mudslide. Mmmmmn!



3. Cake, Ice-Cream & the Beginning of the End 


No summer is complete without the thrill of the summer romance. It’s the equivalent of retail therapy’s mega-discount, good only for the duration of hot days and heady nights. Alas, like summer, the romance must end, and when the summer crush threw a major tantrum and showed his ass, it was the girls who commiserated with me over a plate of chocolate cake from Bubbas and a scoop of strawberry ice-cream. Summer may not last, but chocolate is forever!

Now the fine-print: Nobody paid me anything (not even a damn free drink!) to promote their products or services here. None of the makers of these chocolate treats knew I was coming or taking pictures. However, feel free to offer!



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Kiki Terrell is a UK-based author, businesswoman and mother of three. When’s she’s not slouched over her desk writing and laughing her head off, she’s busy playing Sudoku, eating Nutella and exploring her latest business venture (often all at the same time).
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