Indie Book Promotion – The Dark Side


One of the fascinating aspects of becoming an indie author is, to my mind, the tremendous learning curve in terms of marketing that comes with self-publishing your book.

E-books are big right now. Publishers’ Weekly reported that self-published titles topped 764,448 in 2009 while recent estimates suggest that this number has grown exponentially. 

What that means is that we indie authors are not only now pursuing our own markets – we are the market for a number of new businesses. And while we’re frenetically pursuing readers and reviewers, a lot of very industry-savvy entrepreneurs are busy pursuing us.

Enter the book review distribution service. 

Every indie author knows that book reviews create buzz and help build sales, right? However, most of us are too busy writing to devote the time and energy required to ask for and obtain reviews (or are not particularly inclined to beg for reviews).

Book review distribution services like and therefore promote services where they take your literary gem and distribute it to their group of dedicated book reviewers. According to their math, your book + their distribution service = plenty reviews on Amazon/Goodreads/Shefari. Elementary, right?

In my experience? Wrong.

Book actually suggest that they send out your book until at least 10 reviewers post reviews of your work and that they keep an eye on ‘review quality and objectivity’. You can read the spiel for yourself here. I subscribed to their service myself over ten weeks ago. Not a single review courtesy their service to date. And, alas, now no response to my last request (made on May 21) for a status update either. 

I’m not suggesting that these sites/ services are fraudulent. I can only assume that the many testimonials posted are legitimate, but it’s interesting to note that I’ve managed to get a few reviews just by writing to bloggers and book clubs and asking, while the one service I subscribed to has failed to date to deliver even 1 review at the time of writing this. It might be better to save your money and do the asking and distributing yourself.

Starting today, and from time to time, I’ll be posting a number of new resources I’ve come across that can help us indies surmount that learning curve. (I’m just providing links. No endorsements until I’ve tried them myself!) Getting up to speed (fast!) and doing most of your own promotion and marketing can not only ensure you market from an informed position, but that the buzz about your book relies on the person most knowledgeable, committed and passionate about your work – you!

Today’s link is: Self Published

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Kiki Terrell is a UK-based author, businesswoman and mother of three. When’s she’s not slouched over her desk writing and laughing her head off, she’s busy playing Sudoku, eating Nutella and exploring her latest business venture (often all at the same time).
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9 Responses to Indie Book Promotion – The Dark Side

  1. Reblogged this on The Pelican Writer and commented:
    One indie author’s experience with a book reviewing service.

  2. Reblogged at The Pelican Writer, Thanks for the info! This is unfortunate that you haven’t received a response to your follow up email. If they are going to offer this type of service then there should be some penalty or suspension of reviewers who fail to deliver.

  3. Hi Diana, thanks for re-blogging! I think it’s important that indie authors share their experiences with these services because, for the most part, we’re all new to marketing e-books and can fall prey to all sorts of evil in the name of book promotion if we’re not careful.

    I have to say that doesn’t promise a good review, what they promise is to keep distributing until the author receives at least 10. Has anyone else had an experience with them that they can share here?

  4. MishaBurnett says:

    I’ve probably mentioned them before, but I had good luck with a site called

  5. Hi Misha, thanks, I’ll have a look at their website and try them!

  6. B. Patterson says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is very good to know.

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