What does it mean to ‘like’ something?


I wrote a few flash fiction stories for my class recently and someone made the comment that they really ‘liked’ it. I was thinking this morning – what does ‘like’ mean? Nowadays the ubiquitous Facebook thumbs-up is used to signify so much – ‘it moved me’, ‘it made me laugh’, ‘I agree with your sentiments’, so I ‘like’ it.

Unfortunately for authors, it doesn’t give a hell of a lot of feedback. We’re still left wondering what someone ‘liked’ about our writing. Were they riveted by the plot? Mesmerized by the characters? In stitches from the humour? All of the above?

To be on the receiving end of a ‘like’ is to benefit from a vague, if pleasant, endorsement – that little bit of feel-good that leaves you warm and fuzzy inside (even if you can quite say why it has that effect on you). What can I say about that feeling?

I like it.


About gettingsomethenovel

Kiki Terrell is a UK-based author, businesswoman and mother of three. When’s she’s not slouched over her desk writing and laughing her head off, she’s busy playing Sudoku, eating Nutella and exploring her latest business venture (often all at the same time).
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